Why We Create

I've been called "crafty" - the artsy kind, not the sneaky kind. Maybe you've been called artistic, right-brained, inventive, gifted, imaginative, inspired. All of these are synonyms for creative. I've also heard many people tell me how they aren't creative. Usually they are referring to a particular type of creative talent such as drawing or decorating, but this got me thinking: Isn't everyone creative? Don't they HAVE to be? Even if it is buried deep, a gifting not yet explored, I think that creativity is written into our DNA. After all, we are created in the image of God, whose very first recorded act was to create. He formed the world, speckled the night sky with stars, swirled our planet with beautiful shades of blues and greens. He designed landscapes and sunsets and galaxies that awe us with their beauty. He painted the world with color. He filled it with interesting creatures to see, and places to explore. He gave us variety. 

Have you ever wondered why? Why not just blacks and whites and grays? What was the purpose of blue butterflies and autumn-colored leaves? There didn't have to be a world filled with colors and textures and tastes that simply give us joy. But there they are, and He called it all good. 

So we create, because we were created in the image of the ultimate creator.
Some of us create art in the form of paintings, sculpture, jewelry, photography, or glass. For others, their medium is words. They write stories, poetry, songs, or a simple note that encourages. Maybe you create beautiful spaces in your home that make others feel welcome. You order the pieces of chaos into something useful, combine assortments of ingredients into a culinary delight, or take lengths of fabric and unite them to form a quilt to warm or clothing to wear. For those "left-brained" people, who find their happiness in ordering numbers, making databases, researching, discovering, and organizing, this too is creating or using a creative process. The math that is in music, the ratios in drawing, the formulas in painting. They link the hemispheres of our gray matter together.

What awes me with all of this is how it all points back to our Creator and shows us more of Him. We see beauty in His creation, because He created it. We were created by God to create. He gifted us each with different abilities and talents and knowledge and purposes, but each of us is wired to create something that fulfills His purpose. That can be used for His glory. That can draw others to Him. Let it be something that is good.