What I'm Reading

August 2017

The Mountain Between Us
 by Charles Martin
A first post on a new site is a struggle. What do I write? Which book do I choose? What if I choose the wrong one and everybody hates it and no one ever reads my words again? These were the thoughts I had before I decided to just go with it and write about what I am reading currently.​​​​​​​

I will admit that I had some preconceived ideas on what the story would be about: Man and Woman crash land on a mountain, bond and romance during the struggle to survive, realize they can't live without each other once they are rescued and return to the real world, everyone lives happily ever after. This book is not that. Not exactly.

 I chose The Mountain Between Us  because I have read other books by Martin that I have really enjoyed. His writing is captivating and real. He does not shy away from the human struggle or raw difficulities that must be faced. His stories hold onto an underlying truth throughout and take you on a journey with the characters to realize that truth. In this book that theme was hope. The need for it to stay alive and keep going. The power in it that makes you take one more step, go one more mile, believe that there is possibility. As one of the main characters states, "hope is what fuels us."

We walk through deep snow covered mountains with Ashley, who was supposed to be on her way to her wedding, and Ben, a doctor headed home to his family. I will say that it was very convient for Ashley, who is badly injured during the crash and cannot walk, to be stranded with a very fit and highly capable doctor. 
During their journey Ben frequently talks to his wife by way of a voice recorder. There is another story being told here, a history of their relationship from highschool to the almost present. We learn, along with Ashley, that Ben and his wife are seperated, but that it is something he doesn't want to talk about. That mystery is resolved at the end in what may be an unexpected surprise.

There is a verse that the author references in his notes from Psalm 121, "I lift my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth."  The reason that we can have hope is that we have a God that is able in the impossible. We do not have to rely on ourselves, for He provides for us. 

​During their journey Ben realizes that the most valuble item he has at the moment is a compass. Without that they would end up hopelessly lost. He states, "Never make it without the compass. In the trees, I'd lose all sense of perspective. Direction. Maybe life is like that."
We must have our own compass. A guide to get us through the forests of life. A soild truth that always points "north" that we can follow even when we can't see a way out. How easily can we lose our own perspective when life overwhelms us? When we are deep in the hardships, deep in the hurt, deep in the our own uncharted territory, we can have hope that the God who is always good, always knows the correct path to take, and is always there to guide us, will do just as He has promised.